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Tero Lehto

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Name Tero Lehto  
Location Espoo, Finland  
Email / Windows Live Messenger tero@lehto.net  
IRC ebo @ ircnet  
Mobile +358 40 5178887  

That's me!A few words about me

I'm a 29 years old journalist and mobility expert who works for a Finnish professional ICT magazine called Tietokone. It is published by Sanoma Magazines Finland. Sanoma Magazines group is the fourth largest magazine publisher in Europe. My responsibilities include running our software download service, product news in our magazine and website, yearly CDs and a few mobile and website development projects. I also write articles to our magazines.

I have studied at the Espoo-Vantaa Institute of Technology and I'm planning to continue studies in the Department of Communication at the University of Helsinki.

My free-time passes with movies, reading a lot of books and magazines, playing with my PCs and writing. I also enjoy travelling abroad, good food (self-made and in restaurants) and bicycling in summer times.

My other interests are Microsoft Xbox and its modifications, different kind of smartphones, portable games consoles (such as the Nintendo GBA SP and Nokia N-Gage), DVDs and home theattre equipment

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