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lauantai, toukokuu 15, 2004

My personal weblog / Henkilökohtainen blogini

I started my personal weblog in May 2004, because there are lots of interesting things in mobility and PDAs that aren't directly related to my work. I decided to have my weblog in Finnish, because it's my native language, and thus my strongest one. I've seen many weblogs in bad English and they are awfully embarrassing. I could have an English blog too, but currently having even one blog is taking enough spare time.

I'm also a Finnish journalist and therefore I have great interest in supporting Finnish language in internet. Quite many people have lost their skill of good native language. If you want to know more about me, I have a simple contact and info page in English, and of course you can comment this post.

Unfortunately there isn't even one decent Finnish to English translator in internet, but as soon as I find one, l'll put a link here and to my weblog posts.

In Finnish / suomeksi

En ole aiemmin innostunut "blogailusta" tai "weblogailusta", mutta päätin kokeilla tätä nyt huomattuani miten usein tulee vastaan asioita, joista en voi työn puolesta kirjoitella lehteen tai webiin.

Blogini keskittyy ainakin aluksi mobiili- ja PDA-laitteisiin, GSM- ja WLAN-verkkoihin sekä näiden sovelluksiin. Satunnaisesti nostan esille varmaan muutakin itseäni kiinnostavaa. Oikeastaan kaikenlainen langaton maailma kiinnostaa, mutta suomalaisesta näkökulmasta johtuen sana Nokia varmasti näkyy täällä usein. Kommentteja otan mielelläni vastaan tänne blogiin tai yksityisesti palautelomakkeella.

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Anonymous Anonyymi kirjoitti:

Tero hei,

Awfully embarassing -> embarassingly awful.

maanantai, 23 toukokuu, 2005  
Blogger Tero Lehto kirjoitti:

"Anonymous", I think those phrases have quite different meanings. I don't know if mine is the best way to say what I wanted to describe.

Anyway, I think I made my point clear why I don't post in English.

maanantai, 23 toukokuu, 2005  
Blogger Ilpo kirjoitti:

I think your reasons for posting in your native language are admirable. Although I have some limited capability in your native language, it is not my native language. English is my usual language so I find that I must respond in english for the same reason you wrote in Finnish. I too keep an eye out for a finnish-english bidirectional translator. Some of my interests follow yours check at:

tiistai, 13 kesäkuu, 2006  
Blogger Tero Lehto kirjoitti:

Some people say there are only bad or even worse excuses for not posting in English. English is the dominant language in internet and the easiest one for everyone to learn (as far as I understand).

It's possible that if my English was totally fluent, I'd post here in English too.

On the other hand, for a Finnish journalist supporting our very own special language is a way to protect our work here too.

Thus several selfish arguments support having a blog in Finnish language.

lauantai, 22 heinäkuu, 2006  
Anonymous Anonyymi kirjoitti:

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maanantai, 11 syyskuu, 2006  
Anonymous Anonyymi kirjoitti:

I salute you for supporting your language! English is just one language of the world and not a particularly expressive one, at least in modern usage.

It is becoming difficult to express oneself clearly and succinctly as many (most?) native english speakers now have a very poor command of the language, due to falling educational standards in the english-speaking world.

Thinking in another language means thinking in another way; a way that surely provides insights into ourselves and our world that are different and maybe not available to a single language speaker (like myself)?



Awfully embarrassing / Embarrassingly awful:
The first means that the embarrassment is awful, the latter means that the awfulness is embarrassing.

maanantai, 05 helmikuu, 2007  
Blogger 'Dayo kirjoitti:

Anonyymi said... 05 helmikuu, 2007 04:53
It is becoming difficult to express oneself clearly and succinctly as many (most?) native english speakers now have a very poor command of the language, due to falling educational standards in the english-speaking world.

I really wonder the falling educational standards in the english-speaking world someone mentioned here :O Looking at the top universities in the world, universities from the english-speaking still dominate meaning the education standards are not dropping.

Nice site btw, check out my blog too

torstai, 31 toukokuu, 2007  
Blogger Richard kirjoitti:

I wrote 10 banners in Chinese the other day. English is my language, I don't have a word of Chinese. So Finnish is OK with me, I have learned to cope with anything.

perjantai, 15 helmikuu, 2008  
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torstai, 26 marraskuu, 2009  
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lauantai, 12 joulukuu, 2009  
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